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KeithFabry Employee Celebrated 30 year Anniversary

~ Dora W. Gousse (Williams) honored for 30 years ~

Richmond, VA,  August 3, 2017 – KeithFabry, a leading Mid-Atlantic print service provider, honored Dora W. Gousse, of Chester VA., for 30 years of employment.

“Having an employee work with KeithFabry’s for 30 years is a truly a milestone and one my Dad and I are very proud of. Dora is a treasure indeed,” said President Jimmy Keith, Jr..

Ms. Gousse began her printing career on August 1st, 1987 at the former West End branch.

At that time she had been working in a convenience store at Belvidere and Cumberland.

One of the founders of KeithFabry, Mr. James Keith, Sr. was regular shopper there. He saw a good employee with a great work ethic who had rapport with customers and coworkers so he invited her to change careers.

“Mr. Keith came in the store and asked me to come work for him. I had not noticed him but he noticed me. He said I like your personality. But to be honest, I hadn’t paid him no mind. I didn’t even remember seeing him but – I thought he was joking when he was asking. He said I wouldn’t work holidays, weekends, and no nights.  I said “When do you want me to start?!””

Running original blueprints through the machine and cutting the copy off by hand on the other side of the machine – these were her main duties.

That was 30 years ago. Her title is still Print Operator but her job has evolved just like the print industry.

“Years ago, if you wanted 10 copies of something you had to put it through the machine 10 times. Unlike now where you can set the number of copies you want.” “You didn’t need to go to the gym  – just come to work.”

In addition to the process, she has seen the technology advance. “I‘ve seen a lot of changes in 30 yrs. A big difference is that ammonia was used in the process – now it is all digital. It is also not as physically demanding.”  “We can do more now, and better.”

She is still focused on quality: “You have to look out for the future of the company – because if you start losing your customers – you don’t have any company left.”

Because of that commitment and pride in her work, Ms. Gousse has no thoughts of retiring any time soon. As she says, “I’ve seen a lot, done a lot and can still do it a lot.”

About KeithFabry

KeithFabry, “Let’s make Something Great”, is a leading Mid-Atlantic print service provider proud of a beginning over 50 years experience ago as a legacy reprographics company. What they have learned from their reprographic experience is how to manage large complex jobs with many variables and the importance of delivering a quality, on time product & service at an affordable price. Early adopters in the Richmond, Virginia community of digital technology, they prospered from that adoption. KeithFabry, today is proud of the ability to design environments & structural elements that help their clients sell their products and services. KeithFabry’s digital printing, routing and fabrication capabilities have redefined the future and their relationship with the RVA community. For a closer look, you are invited to come by and see the largest, most extensive showroom in Richmond with examples of large and small format printing, interior and exterior signs, retail displays, trade show displays and custom structures. http://www.keithfabry.com

For more information, contact: Mary Fender 804/399-7639 mary@keithfabry.com

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