MENTOR Richmond is a way for young professionals and mid-level managers to build relationships with each other while learning from some of our region’s most experienced leaders.

As residents of the Greater Richmond region, we are privileged to live and work in a community that has some of the best-led businesses and organizations in the nation.

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This unique team-based mentoring program has graduated over 300 emerging leaders since its inception in 2008.

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  • Provide a venue for YPs to meet and learn from local executives.
  • Connect YPs who share the same goals and that can share professional knowledge and experience.
  • Expedite the development of future leaders.
  • Encourage personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement and goal achievement.
  • Encourage professionals to be more educated about managing their careers.
  • Exposure to senior leaders in the Greater Richmond Region.
  • Building connections within the community.
  • Better understanding of business and career growth.
  • Development and achievement of personal and professional goals.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • An Insights Self-Discovery workshop and a Discovery Personal Profile

Applications for MENTOR Richmond Classes XXII and XXIII are closed.

Participation is limited. To apply, you must:

  • Be an early-career professional (5-9 years) with a desire to grow your career and be more actively engaged in the Richmond community.
  • Be career-driven with a strong focus on professional development.
  • Have support from your corporation, organization or association to participate.
  • Be prepared to spend time as a team before and after each mentoring session.

Mentor Richmond gave me a unique experience to tap into the brains and stories of some of Richmond’s Finest Leaders.  The MENTORS surprised me by really digging into our classes motivation for the sessions to make sure they gave their perspective on the topics that we wanted to cover, as opposed to a canned keynote speech. I was most surprised about the INSIGHTS Profile that analyzed my personality style at the start of the program.  After reading this assessment, I had a better understanding of my own leadership style, the type of role that I play in group work and how I handle assignments as part of a team. What I didn’t anticipate getting out of this program was the amount of true friendship and invaluable networking that I was given access to with my classmates.  Our group was strategically assembled based on our professions and personality type to form a melting pot of young professionals hungry for knowledge and thirsty for networking.  Our group did a tremendous job of meeting after each planning session and each MENTOR Session to share our thoughts and views of the latest meeting.  It was like a TedEX Book Club for 9 months with some of the best leaders and young professionals in Richmond.

Kevin Mullaney
- Brandito

MENTOR Richmond exceeded my expectations!  It was an amazing experience to learn from such a diverse group of Richmond’s most successful leaders.  Their advice on career paths, civic involvement, and leadership styles was invaluable, but I most benefited from learning about their personal journeys and motivations.  In addition to the insight from the Mentors, I will leave this experience with an amazing network of peers.  Our class bonded immensely throughout the eight-month program, and I’m excited to keep in touch with my new friends and watch their careers grow.  Mostly importantly, MENTOR has instilled a deep sense of pride to be part of the Richmond community and a strong desire to do my part to make it a better place.  I have no doubt that the Chamber is helping to build the next generation of Richmond leaders with this program…you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get involved!

Ashley Kelly
- Bon Secours Richmond Health System
My time in the Mentor Richmond is best described as enlightening, developmental, and refreshing. As a young professional in Richmond I began searching for guidance in the world of business. I found that I was really looking for insights in turning my skills from good to great.  Each mentor, and each participant, each gave me unique insight into both business and the Richmond market the I have incorporated into my daily life. Each session proved to be an opportunity to learn something new about myself and to garner new ideas of how to approach issues at work.  Further, each mentor pushed and challenged us to think about complex issues and life questions.  Often, I found myself talking of the sessions with colleagues and friends afterwards, having continued to think of the insights garnered from the session that week. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I can honestly say that I formed great friendships within the program.  Each of the participants brought something different to the group which served to strengthen our camaraderie. Soon after the start of the program, we sought out more times to talk and organized happy hours and even a run at Hardywood.  As the program comes to a close, we have already set up more times to meet and spend time together as a group. In short, Mentor Richmond became something I looked forward to each week, as it helped me understand the characteristics of success as well as the life lessons from each of the mentors. More so, it helped me meet peers and friends who I can seek out when I need advice.  Mentor Richmond was an amazing program that I would certainly recommend to anyone who would like to attend!
Ryan Forster
- PwC

I had heard a lot about MENTOR Richmond from several colleagues that participated.  I expected to hear speeches from local leaders and ask them some questions afterward.  It was so much more than that.  The Mentors are very real and comfortable with sharing their experiences and advice.  They are candid and they want the sessions to be a useful conversation instead of a “speech.” My classmates and I were able to make connections with the Mentors that aligned most with us and I think those connections will continue.  I also met over 30 individuals, my classmates, that inspired me almost more than the Mentors themselves did.  In my opinion, the connections and friendships I made with these individuals was the most valuable part of the MENTOR Richmond experience.  I’ve consulted with them on situations that have come up at work and I’ve coordinated with them to try new things in Richmond.  I loved every bit of the MENTOR Richmond program.  And the leaders of the program are right, you definitely get out what you put in to the program.

Kate Donovan
- Dominion

MENTOR Richmond was an amazing experience! I am a native New Yorker, and joined to gain lessons about how industry leaders apply their talents to assist in making Richmond a greater city. I knew this program would challenge me, and help me grow as a professional. I didn’t know it at the time, but this program also helped me grow personally. The mentors sessions will inspire, teach life lessons, open up opportunities, and give advice to implement in your firm. The Insights personality assessment provided by Floricane, was one of the most beneficial parts of this program. Insights helped me understand the full view of my personality, how it comes across, and how to work better with others. If you really invest your time in the program, and are willing to open up to your class, you will gain much more value than your initial investment. If you are an introverted individual, remember to pace yourself and build in time to recharge.

Shanelle Calvin
- Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects (VSAIA)

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