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Inclusive | We err on the side of consensus building and bringing people together

Compelling | We inspire conviction to motivate action.

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That’s right, the Chamber serves the entire region:

1 City. 7 Counties. 1 Town.

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Sure. We have an agenda, and it’s to make the Richmond Region great, now and in the future. To do that, we need quality education (birth – 16), workplace readiness and a rich quality of life. This type of work is not sexy. It takes time and collaboration, but it’s first on our list for a reason.

Our benefits are designed for member companies that understand the value of Community, Relationships and Development. Member value guides our thinking and informs our programming on a regular basis. It’s a quality-based (not quantity-based) approach that sets us apart.

For more information on becoming a member of ChamberRVA please reach out to Stephanie Phillips at stephanie.phillips@chamberrva.com or 804-783-9350.

Maybe it’s our wildly successful group-based mentoring program for young professionals or perhaps it’s our new program for aspiring political leaders. Whatever the reason, we have struck a chord with our young constituents and are proud to be developing the stewards of the region’s future.

By working together, the business community can move some serious needles and play a powerful role in how this community looks and feels. Our job is to help identify which needles to move, how to move them and who needs to know about it. Our members’ successes, both individually and collectively, form the core of the business community’s brand.

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